BA History model II vocational course was started in 1998 in the MG university.St.Marys College offers BA History with Archaeology and Museology .It was introduced in this College in the year 2001. As part of the programme on the job training for a period of three weeks in preservation techniques is provided at Centre for Heritage Studies and separate certificate is issued by them. Students of our department get an opportunity to select a subject of their choice from courses offered by different Departments of the College. Open course offered by the History Department for students of other Department .students of Department are also enrolled with Walk with Scholar a higher level academic mentoring Programme,Student Support Programme , Additional skill acquisition programme (ASAP),NSS and NCC.
Mission and Vision
1.To train the students in a critical understanding of past and to cultivate an appreciation of the enduring power and the relevance of the past in the present. We pride ourselves in our constant endeavour to achieve academic excellence in the fact of that teaching is not only valued but viewed as a crucial part of historian craft.
2.The department also tries to create the historical narrative of the region which may contribute to national building on secular and scientific line.
3.We are constantly seeking ways to sustain our mission in ways that are responsive to 21 century condition but reflect our conviction that knowing the past help to humanise use in the contemporary movements
*Programme offered
BA History model II (Archaeology &Museology)
MA Historical Studies. 

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